Dear Spider

Dear Spider,

Thanks for the invitation
to your cosy dinner for two.
I’d really love to come
but I can’t think what to do.
I can’t decide just what to wear
my clothes are all so fine
and I’m not certain where to find
a suitable sort of wine.
I’m not used to dining out,
it’s really not my thing.
I tend to snatch my meals
when I am on the wing.
My mealtime conversation
is limited in kind.
In short I feel that
I really should decline.
It’s not that I don’t like you
but we are so far apart;
I can’t see it working out
although you want my heart.

Yours sincerely



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4 responses to “Dear Spider

  1. suzicate

    This is a fun poem. “I can’t decide what to wear” cracked me up!

  2. Dawnie

    I love this…it was only when I got to the lines “I tend to snatch my meals when I’m on the wing” that I realised the plot…brilliant!

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