Poet-in Schools

Angela Topping performs with John Foster, Oxford, March 2011

I became a poet in schools back in the 1980s after my first book was published. I did several placements for The Poetry Society, who back then had funding from W H Smith. I did both primary and secondary school visits. One that stands out was in Wigan where I had the job of inspiring pupils from year 7-9 who were members of the school writing club. Amongst other workshops in the 2 day residency, I devised a drama on the Sinking of the Titanic, which resulted in some wonderful poems in the voices of actual real life people who were on the ship. I also toured many schools with The Bees Knees, as the co-operative performed together and sold books at many events up and down the country.

I enjoyed this work so much, I eventually went into secondary school English teaching. Most authors in schools seem to be teachers first. Trust me to do it the other way round.

Now after 16 years as a secondary teacher, and a few besides in FE, I returned to the freelance life in 2009, with all the benefit of that experience behind me. I have carried out placements for Able Writers (with Authors Abroad), The Windows Project, Artscape and freelance. Many schools also book me directly. I have also done A level masterclasses and lectures for literature and creative writing.
These days I prefer to work freelance. I have an annually updated DBS and two teaching qualifications, one in FE and one in Secondary.

My usual rate is £350 per day not including expenses. That is for a full day of workshops. I can also offer half days, assembly and other readings. I offer discounts for schools fairly local to me, often waiving travel expenses.  Workshops can also be arranged on GCSE and A level English Literature, particularly poetry. I am a co-author of GCSE textbooks and I also write A level Literature critical books.

I am happy to work with any age, but prefer keystage 2 upwards.

BOOKINGS: Contact me via this blog or on my work email anji.topping@gmail.com


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  1. Hello Angela,its Elarna from Riverside.The blog has been made from me and Jessica,the web address is ElarnaJessicaPoetry.wordpress.com,Its just been made so we havent uploaded any poetry yet.please visit when you can.I know yore very busy.

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