Witch in the Supermarket

Witch in the Supermarket

There’s a witch in the supermarket over there
After Fowler’s treacle for her flyaway hair,
Buying up nail-varnish – black or green?
Rooting in the freezer for toad ice-cream!

There’s a witch in the supermarket next row on
Asking where the Tinned Bat’s Ears have gone,
Mutters, ‘Why do they always change things round?
Mouse Tails and Rats’ Tongues can’t be found!’

There’s a witch in the supermarket down that aisle
Searching for something to blacken her smile,
She’s a trolley full of tins for her witch’s cat
Who simply swears by Bit-O-Bat.

Times are difficult and Bovril has to do
Instead of newt’s blood for a tasty stew;
Sun-dried bluebottles crunchy and sweet,
Dessicated spiders for a Hallowe’en treat.

There’s a witch in the supermarket at the till
Scribbling her cheque with a grey goose quill!
There’s a witch at the checkout, look, mum, quick!
Piling up her shopping on a big broomstick!



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2 responses to “Witch in the Supermarket

  1. susan hayes

    I found your poem ,I am on your comp beginners course in the mid cheshire college
    from susan hayes your favourite sainburys shopper ?!

    • Hi
      It’s actually my daughter Rosie who is teaching you. But I hope you like the poem. It was in my solo children’s poetry collection, The New Generation (Salt Publishing 2010). I can see Rosie is teaching you a lot on the course!