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Able Writers #4

I, A Tree (prose poem)


I, a tree, the lord of nature can help you live, I reward you with oxygen. All of those scientists think we give it to you without knowing, but no, we know our stuff. In fact, we are chock full of heavy knowledge. We sparkll as we rock like a baby in a cradle, gently flowing from side to side.

I, a tree, in the winter I’m nothing but a pale colour and I’m locked to the ground, just like a house, al ways there. They can’t fly

I a tree, just like you, we grow as we please from spring to summe.In the summer I play and show off my friends, my leaves!

However in the Autumn I lose my friends and I’m all lonely, I have no one to play with.

In the winter I hibernate because there is nothing to do as I wait, and wait, and wait…

By Jacob Hall year 5



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