Fascinating World War 2 book

I am delighted to report that the Imperial War Museum has accepted our donation of a fascinating book for their library. The book is titled What America Thinks, and it includes cartoons and articles from US magazines about World War 2, from a very particular period of time before they joined in. It is signed by Stafford Cripps, and when we had the book appraised, the valuers felt the signature was a true one.

The book was large and heavy, and had been in our possession for many years, after it was given to me by the relative of someone who had died. Another relative was burning their papers, but the book was rescued and given to me because my love of books and history was well known. We both felt the book should be donated somewhere where it would be useful, and after some thought, I decided on the War Museum as a suitable place.

I then had to give them the information and photographs to decide whether the book was suitable for them, and unique enough to earn a place. A length correspondence ensued, and they decided they would like it, so it was duly posted off with the donation form. It is exciting to think this book is now available to historians and researchers on the period.

I thought I would share some photographs of the book we have been custodians of for so long.



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2 responses to “Fascinating World War 2 book

  1. chrishardy303

    I’ve heard of this book but never seen a copy. A very generous gift I know the museum will value highly. Chris Hardy