Things I do Differently Now

Since my accident, there are several things I have to do differently, and I thought it might be interesting to share them. My life is becoming more like it was before, but these changes may well be permanent:

  1. I need two handrails to manage the stairs, or one good handrail and my stick. I need handrails for outdoor steps.
  2. To get into bed, I first have to sit on it, then swing my legs on, because kneeling hurts too much.
  3. To get into a car, I turn round, sit on the seat, swivel my legs in. I CAN step in but I rarely do.
  4. Doing housework, I work by going from chair to chair, for example hoovering.
  5. I can’t carry much at a time, because I only have one free hand, so I use a helper trolley. I use this for housework, fetching things, and for bringing my baking things to the kitchen table.
  6. For gardening, I have my three-wheeled walker. I can carry tools and my stick in it. I work in a chair often, but I am strong enough to stand up and pull the chair further along.
  7. I can’t bend my knee as much as I could, which has affected my swimming. I am much slower but I still love to be in the pool, and it does me so much good when I can get to a swimming pool.
  8. I no longer want to risk standing on stools or climbing up onto things, so I am making sure there is nothing I can’t reach from the ground, if it is stuff I need to access often.
  9. I like having busy hands, but am now more intentional about having things I am working on separated into project bags and boxes, placed near me.
  10. I still love doing poetry readings, but have to sit down for longer slots. Leaning on a lectern helps too, whereas before I would prefer to stand, and often stood to the side of a lectern.

These little tricks and adaptations have made it possible for me to resume many things that add to the quality of my life. Some I was taught, others I have worked out for myself.

Every trip out has to be carefully planned for accessibility, unless we have been there before. We try to get out a few times a week, and this strategy helps me improve. in 2023, I want to reach more challenging places, like National Trust properties, the local green areas like Marshall’s Arm and Marbury Park, and visit more towns and cities I love. I want to become stronger and able to walk for longer distances. Maintaining a positive attitude is essential.



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2 responses to “Things I do Differently Now

  1. mavisgulliver

    Bravo Angela.I know it’s hard. I’ve got problems but not as severe as yours but I too have had to develop strategies for coping. As you say, it’s important to be positive and to keep doing things you enjoy. I admire your determination and wish you well. Mavis x