Time for Another Update #Tibia plateau fracture

Since my last update, I have made significant improvements. Since November I was able to climb upstairs, and sleep in my own bed. This made a huge difference to my well-being, both mental and physical. I could take a shower, thanks to two grab bars and a shower stool, pick out my own clothes, sleep more soundly and take myself to the bathroom in the night; luckily it’s not far to the en-suite. Going upstairs is developing my strength and I was walking more on crutches than on the Zimmer frame, but just before Christmas, my physio brought me a stick to try.

Since Christmas, I have been getting more and more confident on my stick, and only use the Zimmer frame upstairs at night. I have acquired a three-wheeled walker to use in the garden, at a very cheap second hand price, and a four-wheeled walker. Since I got this new equipment, I have not used the wheelchair, can now leave the house using my stick and go into some places using my larger walker. We are always racking our brains for places we can go that are very accessible for me. I still find slopes and uneven ground rather unnerving. However, confidence is growing along with my strength.

I am starting to pick up threads of my pre-accident life. I am still not writing much poetry, but I believe being confined limited me, first because of the pandemic, secondly because of my accident. I need stimulation from people and places, to write my best work. I believe these fallow periods in a writer’s life are usually times when we are quietly building up new material. I have projects to keep me occupied: a new poetry collection to put together; a literary companion on The Handmaid’s Tale to get to grips with; several booking for readings and workshops come the summer. I am also planning some renovations to my study and some future-proofing of our house, to make life easier going forward.

Next month it will be a year since my accident. This injury can take a year to 18 months to heal. I may never be pain-free, but it is bearable discomfort now. I see my consultant again in a few weeks, and have a list of questions ready for him. My physio is still coming to the house, but in May I am being assessed for outpatients physio, which will bring me on further. I try to achieve some little thing every day, and find something to enjoy in every day.



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4 responses to “Time for Another Update #Tibia plateau fracture

  1. chrishardy303

    Congratulations on your determination – injuries are usually difficult to recover from, docs & physios tend to be optimistic & cheerful, maybe for good reasons .. but the process is often very slow. You sound as if your team are excellent. Look at all these young footballers who, despite having the best support medicine, surgeons, physios, ever-available, are out of action for months, years even .. they usually get there in the end. Chris

    • Thank you, Chris. Much appreciated. I have had very low moments, I can’t deny it, but the only person who can ultimately stop me being permanently disabled from this is me. I am very thankful for our NHS, who have done so much to help my recovery. Also, to the friends who have supported me, which made a difference. It’s great to know there are people out there rooting for me.

  2. Maureen Weldon

    So very glad you are gradually getting better and stronger.
    love, Maureen and Paul x

  3. So good to hear things are progressing, Angela. Having a friend in a similar situation at present, I know how much of a struggle it can be to remain positive. It sounds as though your outlook and determination are playing a huge part in your recovery. I wish you all the best.