Four of my poems are featured today here, on the theme of oceans, including two poems about Titanic.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Day Eight.

ChristinaChin_rock pool_Wombwell Rainbow

-Christina Chin

The Way We Became by Angela Topping


Take me to the ocean, I said.
I wore my ocean-green shot taffeta skirt.
The wind shifted its colours
from red to green, making it
a magic lantern, glittering
like the opalescent sea.
The dunes stretched for miles.
Cars simmered in the heat haze
like jewels. Released from austerity,
an exam room weighted with words,
I wanted to see space, a wide horizon,
sky full of gulls, gossiping.
I wanted to be lapped by a salt tide,
buffeted by waves and cleansing winds.
My white legs became a mermaid’s tail,
my toes sensed the ribbed sand,
imprinted by travelling waves.
You took me home from the ocean
that summer and married me.

-Angela Topping

Sea Change

Full fathom five thy father lies,
of his bones are coral made;
those are pearls that were his eyes;
The Tempest

What the sea does, and does so well,

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