Poems Under the Microscope

is the title of another blog I run, in which I look at single poems in detail. It’s all about ‘articulating the wow’ as my friend Matt Simpson used to say.
Where copyright allows, I post the poem, then my commentary. If a poem is still in copyright, I may only post a link to it. The commentary is my own, my honest personal practical criticism commentary, in which I will discuss how technique supports content.
It is a site popular with students, but it will also appeal to the general reader, one perhaps who feels they missed out on poetry, or would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of the art of poetry.
Please do have a look, if you are interested. Today I discusses a Thomas Hardy poem called ‘Snow in the Suburbs’, to suit the time of year.



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2 responses to “Poems Under the Microscope

  1. Merryn Williams

    We did it at school, but in those days there was more snow.

    • I only encountered this poem as a teacher, but when I was doing my first postgrad degree, we looked at Hardy’s poetry by the tutor telling us to read the Collected, choose six, and come to the tutorial with our choices and reasons. No two people had chosen the same poem, and that’s how good Hardy is!