Whitby Folk Week Poetry Workshops Showcase #1

Some fabulous poems were produced at my workshops this year. Some participants kindly agreed to share their work. These two are from a brother and sister who attended together. Both are still at school, one secondary and one primary. It was wonderful to have them attend the workshops. Ages 10+ are welcome to attend and they do bring a breath of fresh air.

Bluebell by Holly Pugh 

Beautiful flowers

Lasting for weeks

Used for bouquets

Easy to spot

Bluebells catch my eye

Every time I step into spring

Lovely colours

Love how they fill me with glee

The Moon is… by Josh Pugh

The moon is undervalued,

Lonely, boring, dead,

In the eyes of mankind.

The moon is made of cheese,

An attempt at bringing life to it,

When in fact there is no need,

For the moon holds great power

It controls the tides,

Deciding the fate of those at sea,

It is the sun’s representative at night

Showing the presence of light

While looking majestic in the dark sky

However nobody sees this

So the moon is undervalued.


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