Poem for Valentine’s Day


Because I love you, I offer you
this old glove.
Wait. Do not cast it
aside. It has held my hand.
Its soft felt embraced my fingers,
covered my palm.
Its partner is lost.
Take it to remind you, how you and I
could lose each other.
It fits me perfectly.
Keep it under your pillow.
Perhaps it will
reach for you in the night.


Note: WordPress does not like the indentations in this poem, so it’s lost its shape. It was first published in my collection I Sing of Bricks (Salt 2011). I think of it as slightly spooky but others see it differently, which is fine. This poem was read on Poetry Please, so thank you to whoever requested it.






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5 responses to “Poem for Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. A bit melancholy, I agree but that’s what makes its beauty.
    Isn’t it annoying, how WordPress refuses to accept your own line breaks. We should launch a petition !