22 Wagons #4 anthologies my work appeared in in 2018


How I came to be in this anthology was something of a miracle, and most unexpected. Danijela Trajković contacted me to ask permission to translate some of my poems into Serbian. I am not sure how she stumbled across my poetry, but her anthology of translations includes Fiona Sampson. Pippa Little, John Greening, Wendy Klein, Richard Skinner and George Szirtes, as well as myself. It is called 22 Wagons, The Collection of Anglophone Poets of 21st Century.

Danijela translated my poems ‘The Glass Swan’, ‘How to Capture a Poem’, and ‘What Became of the Black Piano’. I am sure her translations are wonderful. Unfortunately I can’t read Serbian but feel so honoured to think I can now be read in that language. I share a lot of my ethics of truth and clarity with Danijela, so I know her translations will have caught the spirit of the poems.

I love the cover too. It’s a wonderful thing to have the book on my ‘Angela Topping’ shelves.

I am not sure where to purchase a copy, but I am sure Danijela can help.



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6 responses to “22 Wagons #4 anthologies my work appeared in in 2018

  1. Maureen Weldon

    That is wonderful Angela! XX
    Love, Maureen

  2. Merryn Williams

    Congratulations, Angela. I have some Serbian friends who like poetry and it’s always worth reaching out to other cultures.