Ten Ways to Keep Depression At Bay

Yesterday I posted about the Please Hear What I’m Not Saying Anthology for MIND. I have been medicated three times for depression, and I absolutely needed it each time. They were all work-related. Now I work for myself, much of that stress is relieved. I find the medication numbs me so I cannot write poetry, and writing poetry is essential to my well-being. So for myself, I have rejected medication.

So how do I stave off depression? Caveat: these work for me but may not work for you, and the battle is often with the dreadful lethargy that is one of the main symptoms of depression, and that stops one doing anything. I find it helps to spot the signs and take evasive action while the energy to do so is still around.

  1. Take some time every day to go outdoors, even if it’s just a stroll round the garden, a walk to the shops or in the park, or ten minutes on a bench outside with a blanket and a flask of tea.
  2. Set some small achieveable goals every day. Simple things like getting a shower, getting dressed, making the bed. Then at the end of the day, when you feel another wasted day has gone by, you can remind yourself of these small accomplishments.
  3. Take exercise, because that increases seratonin in the brain. Can a friend pick you up and take you swimming, is there somewhere nearby where you can walk or run? Try an exercise video at home, from YouTube, or do some gentle yoga. Salute to the Sun is a great way to start the day. Or put a good track on and have a 5 minute dance-athon. You might feel so good you want to carry on longer.
  4. Housework is one of the things that can seem overwhelming, and like self-care, often goes by the board. But if you can choose a daily goal of tidying or cleaning one small thing, like the sink area, or clearing a surface, it really lifts the mood.
  5. Take Vitamin D.
  6. Although junk food is very tempting, such as chocolate for a quick lift, try to eat nourishing foods, plenty of fruit and veg, and if possible, keep away from ready meals.
  7. Spend some time with a pet or small child. Animals and small humans live in the present and are fun to be around.
  8. I find crafting really helps me. If I have some knitting on the go, or some hand sewing, I can sit down to do it, and even if I only do a little, it feels like an accomplishment and gives me a reason to look forward. I don’t do jigsaws anymore, but they can achieve the same thing.
  9. Do something nice for someone else. Even if it’s just an email, a phone call, a small gift, a genuine compliment, it will make you feel better that you have brightened someone else’s day.
  10. Read poetry. A poem can only take a minute to read, and a lifetime to remember. Poetry is a consolation. Poetry tells you you are not alone.




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4 responses to “Ten Ways to Keep Depression At Bay

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Angela. Poetry is a lifeline and I have a small folder with “lifeline” poems on my bedside table.

  2. Yes Angela these are good ways of keeping this locked out, know what you mean and love your poem

  3. sally williams

    Ahh Angela, I always said we have a lot in common and I too have suffered from Anxiety and Depression, I did have medication for a while which helped me to carry on working, Then I stopped taking it when I was expecting my 4th baby. I was in hospital for post natal depression for a while. Now however I keep it at bay by doing all those things you have mentioned. Being with Ron has helped me someone who is stable and grounds me. People like us see both the highs and lows in life sometimes more lows than highs but we get through.x

  4. seanactual

    This is some really helpful advice, and from the heart. It’s also great for keeping up resilience too I’d think 🙂

    Loved your poem too!