Hygge Feature #32 Enduring Love

Valentine’s Day is not hygge, as such, because it’s about impressing the one you love with a dozen red roses and champagne, and other expensive gifts. It’s about romance. Love for me is what’s left when romance has gone and we are caught up in supporting each other through everyday life, good times and bad times, and in the routines we devise over time for our comfort and relaxation. That is hygge. This kind of love endures through years of togetherness, and does not go when the partner dies, but stays as long as the memories do.



Photo by Angela Topping


Marriage Tea

Tea is a hug in a china mug
hot and strong, without sugar
and only the merest whisper of milk.

First thing in the morning
it is the kiss for sleeping beauty
brought to the bedside as the sky warms up.

It can be dressed in finer clothes
but the everyday chipped mug,
after all these years, is enough for me.

Angela Topping

first published on Nutshells and Nuggets


You Help Me Fly

For Richard
‘He is my rock.’
she said,
as if with pride.

You, my love,
are not my rock.

For rocks immovable
smack too much
of millstones
round my neck.

Nor are you my anchor,
holding so tight
I cannot
ride with the tide
of my desire.

You are the string
on which,
kite-like I fly
and soar to heights
I could not reach alone.

And if I fall,
I know
that you’ll be there,
to catch
and hold me close.


Mavis Gulliver




Suddenly I’m old.
You never saw me like this:
the little wounded eyes,
the fleshy wrinkles
or the wayward wiry hair.
I’m not the woman you once loved.
Grief damaged me
but I survived,
the woman who loved you
and loves you still
but goes on, anyhow.

Linda Goulden

First appeared in Poems for Survival, The Fat Damsel



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4 responses to “Hygge Feature #32 Enduring Love

  1. mavisgulliver

    Thank you for posting my heartfelt tribute to Richard – husband, partner, lover, best friend – and although we’ve been together for 41 years romance is still very much alive and I’m not embarrassed to tell the world just how I feel.

  2. Ah, I love these. Oddly, I’ve written a poem very similar to Mavis Gulliver’s, about being a kite and my OH the kite-string! It’s lovely to read your comment, too, Mavis. I also believe that romance can carry on through the decades.

    • mavisgulliver

      Thank you Cathy. With so many broken relationships in the world it’s good to know that we’re not alone in keeping romance alive. It would be lovely to read your poem. You can message me on Facebook if you wish.