Hygge Feature #4 Home Baking and Shared Meals

Today it’s all about food, and it won’t be the only one with that angle! Home-made food is all about being cosy, sharing, and being in the present moment.

Making Bread

 Pungent baking smells fill the house.
Three loaves cool on wire racks.
A sharp knife separates a half inch slice,
speckled with oval sunflower sections.
A happy sigh ; the family is home.

First, a warm kitchen,
Tough brown bags of organic, wholemeal,
Stone-ground grains ; wheat, barley, rye.
Warm water, salt crystals, pearls of yeast
(Using the simplest and best, only the best.)
My hands that fold the warm trembling flesh,
Pat flour off my apron’s belly, into my hair.
The oven clicks, starts its rise with the bread.

Blue poppy seeds, sesame and buckwheat shards
Stretch apart on the swelling surface.
A good rise comes from the heart,
warmth inside and out ; the family is home

Vivien Jones

When I compose the bread, the knives,
pewter, lemons, gherkins, glass,
a lamp shines faintly on the past,
on unrecorded lives.
The flagon with its coarse red wine
recalls those women who arranged
the cups and cloth. This hasn’t changed;
their acts, their thoughts are mine.
Today, the salmon glows deep red.
I stoop, protect the modest light.
The pickled cucumbers are brought
out, to placate the dead.
Merryn Williams

Photo by Vivien Jones.

IMG_0800 (1).JPG


we were doing
something dangerous
with fire
with the flame
each match-head held
but could transmit
to tissue paper
loosely rolled
and in burning
heat the oxygen
to rise above
our held out palms
then falter
dip and float down
something lighter
than a hair
a whisper
drifting slowly
through the air

Brian Johnstone



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  1. enjoyed this post—a tasty one (ha!)

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  2. Reblogged this on Banana Mab and commented:
    I’m really enjoying these hygge-inspired poems on poet Angela Topping’s website. I believe the project is currently open to submissions, too, so do take a look. Some wonderful poems up here so far.

  3. Hiya, If you still need hygge poems here’s one I wrote a while back – it’s just been translated into Romanian which I’m delighted about. I try & comment on your blog but sometimes wordpress doesn’t let me even though I’m on it. Warm wishes Maria

    And after months,

    it finally happens:

    changed that light bulb,

    answered letters, groomed the cat

    letting her walk all over me, purring

    into my face and knocking

    my glasses aside. Someone

    I never thought would do it


    You cooked, I lit a fire –

    small things in themselves;

    we uncurled, like two salamanders

    basking in the heat

    content again.

    Nothing seemed hard.

    from Everyday Angels (Waterloo Press 2009)


  4. Merryn Williams

    Dear Angela,Many thanks for including me, and – I can say it now – I loved your Hygge poem.Write on,Merryn