Poems from the Roald Dahl workshop at Huddersfield Library #3

This is the final posting, unless any parents send poems at a later date. These poems are from the second exercise, based on George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children had to invent their own potion or medicine, give it a name and show what is in it and how it works. I gave them Shakespeare’s witches’ potion as well, to inspire them.

Mei’s Mad Appearance Changer Pills

Spiders’ legs and earthworm tail.
Let flames engulf for quite a while.

Lion’s mane and tortoise shell
are bubbling all the way from Hell.

Leave in fridge for around five hours,
then drink down with water.

And for meximum effect
swallow some ants that will go marching down your throat.

Your potion is done.
now give me a groat.

Mei Rivett (age 9)

The U.D. Most Fabulous Medicine in the World

The medicine helps people get well.
It also helps people to be strong.
It helps people who are bad to be good.

If you overdrink it, it will make your condition worse.
Whenever you are sick don’t forget
to take U.D. marvellous medicine.

Don’t miss it, hurry.
Get us when you are sick.

Udo Onyenso (age 7)



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