Poems from the Roald Dahl workshops at Huddersfield library #1

On Wednesday 3rd August, I worked with children attending a poetry workshop inspired by Roald Dahl. We started off by looking at some of the words Dahl and other writers such as Lewis Carroll and A.A Milne invented, and considered how they had been formed by adding different prefixes and suffixes and by portmanteau words and back formation. We made up a few of our own words too.

I included two different poem exercises. The first was based on Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull from Matilda, and the second on making a potion, as George does in George’s Marvellous Medicine. I will be featuring some of the poems the children wrote on this blog over the next few days.


Mr Curlyhugs

Mr Curlyhugs is very friendly and goes to all the children’s birthday parties.
He is very kind and gives lots of extra snacks,
like 14 tons of chocolate for the whole month.
He has light brown skin and is well built with big muscles, and is 7 feet tall.
He has dark brown long dreadlocks that bounce and flounce as he runs.
He wears five African bracelets.

Mr Curlyhugs runs to help the children when they need help.
He is happy and always smiles even when he is annoyed.
My Curlyhugs does exciting experiments and teaches the children
how to be spies and detectives.

He wears a gold top hat, a bright blue shirt, white trousers and light green shoes.
His favourite colours are green, gold, purple and blue.

Josiah Blake (aged 7)

The Monster Teachers

Miss Punch-Face punches wherever she goes.
She is dangerous to children who are not in their homes.
Children fear her near and far.
She even scares kids when in their car!

Mamzelle is French and not very cool.
She shouts at the children in the school.
And if their French is rubbish,
they have to swim 5 metres in the pool!

Mille Poole (age 8)

Miss Kate

She is kind and she forgives.
She does not shout.

She is sometimes a bit cross.
She is always smiling.

She also loves singing.
She is loved by everyone in the class.

Udo Onyenso (age 7)

More tomorrow!



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