It has recently been brought to my attention that people are trying to obtain copies of some of my poetry books, and are finding they are either unavailable or costing far more than their cover price. If you want to buy any of my books which are still in print, here is a list of what I have here and the cover price. Add £1 for postage per book and send me a cheque with your order. If you email me at I will give you the address for the payment. I hope this proves helpful for Christmas shopping.
Books available
The Fiddle (Stride 1999) last few copies of this now out of print title £7.95
I Sing of Bricks (Salt 2011) £6.50
The New Generation (Salt 2010) Poetry for children £6.99
Kids Stuff (Erbacce 2011) Poetry for Children – chapbook £4.50
Catching On (Rack Press pamphlet 2011) last few copies £3
The Lightfoot Letters (erbacce 2011) the book that accompanies the exhibition of the same name, includes the historic letters and ten poems (£5)
Paper Patterns (Lapwing 2012) a 92 page poetry collection including three sequences and featuring Maria Walker’s artwork on the cover. £10. Also available from the publisher as an ebook.
Letting Go (Mother’s Milk Books 2013) £8.99
Hearth – jointly written with Sarah James (Mother’s Milk Books 2015) £5
Letting Go and Hearth are also available from the publisher’s website.
My books on Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, Frayn’s Spies and the poetry of John Clare are all available from the publisher, Greenwich Exchange, and are written as companions to the literary works for the student or the general reader. They are written for readability and are essays rather than notes under headings.


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