Keep Poems Alive Halloween

Thanks to Sally Evans for this super Hallowee’n feature. Enjoy!



Bats, crows, monsters, it must be Halloween. Buried bodies haunting the woods, it is definitely Halloween. Excellent and enjoyable poems, as always on Keep Poems Alive.

We will accept poems in any form of English and related languages if they fulfil the pre-publication requirement. This time you have one in Scots. Here’s a link to the best Scots-English dictionary, should you require it.

Also I hope you can’t count, because I had five poems ready for Halloween and another one came in, so it’s here too. The poets are Andy Jackson, David Costello, Angela Topping, P.C. Vandall, Alexander Hutchison and Rona Fitzgerald.

A few favourite poems to read every weekend. Come back next week!

KPA Under-the-Bed-300x200

Andy Jackson
An Assumption Of Monsters

He told her there was something underneath her bed,
a fiend in slumber or a golem made from dust.
He promised to protect her, with no thought…

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