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Sally Evans’ new blog is delish. Pleased to have the first poem on it! And Laura McKee too!


A space for poems you like to read again and again

Our first poems are from Angela Topping and Laura McKee. Another set of poems wil be published on Sunday.

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 Angela Topping            Facing Up To It
Oh but to die and leave this sensible warm motion  —
Measure for Measure

The knowledge that  one day I will
be called to leave behind all this

that I have loved: my books

both read and yet to read; my music,
and handful of songs I’ve made
my own to sing and play; clothes
and jewels that tell the word I am;
my dearest friends, who’ll learn to do
the best they can without me;
poems not yet written; two daughters,
loved perhaps too much, who fill my life;

husband with his enfolding arms
and morning cups of…

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