Putting a poetry pamphlet together.

This excellent blog post saves me a job!

Roy Marshall

This piece is addressed to those poets who haven’t had a collection published before, so I’ll be covering what I consider to be the basics of putting a pamphlet together based on my own experience and including ideas and advice I’ve picked up from my reading and listening to others.

The majority of poetry pamphlets contain twenty to twenty-five poems. The first thing you will need (apart from enough poems of course) is to set aside some



Selecting and ordering poems is a creative exercise that requires attention and care.  If you are hurried or under pressure to meet a deadline you probably won’t be able make the best judgements and as a result you are unlikely to enjoy the process or have the satisfaction of knowing you have put in your best effort.
It’s best to start the process and return to it over a period of days, weeks or months.


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    This is v helpful – thanks Angela x  Faye Joy 37 Rue de Malou Cormeilles 27260  Haute Normandie France Tel: 02 32 57 16 19Skype: imogen37

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  2. Yes, I saw this on Facebook – Jo Bell shared it. A very good article and sensible advice it seems to me.