9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist (from skinnyartist.com)

Also spot on for poets! Stop polishing the old. Write the new.

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This article is from skinnyartist.com but I couldn’t work out how to share it on this blog easily so I’m just copying and pasting:

I’m not talking about if you have a corporate sponsorship or whether or not you are earning the big bucks.  I’m not even talking about quitting your day job, if you have one, and living on ramen noodles and Starbucks (because even if you’re poor you still need your Cafe Mocha) What I’m talking about is changing your attitude and the way you think about your art.  What you’ll discover is that more often than not people will take your art about as seriously as you do.

So what are some of the warning signs of an Amateur Artist?

1) Amateur Artists wait for Inspiration

While a professional artist will make a point sit down and work on their art every day…

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