Children’s Poetry Workshop at Huddersfield Library

Looking forward to this half term jaunt.


Tuesday 28th October at Huddersfield Library 2pm until 4om

Book your children onto this half-term event for 7-10 year olds to have a go at writing poetry. Poet Angela Topping is also an experienced teacher who writes for both children and adults. Her characteristic sense of humour will make for an exciting, interactive afternoon.

Angela with a group of children

Your children will have fun with poetry and words, will make their own poems and listen to prize-winning children’s poet Angela Topping’s wacky blend of fantasy and reality.

Cat's Prayer  Dear Whiskered Lord Thank you for your creation of birds (but why did you give them wings) Thank you for mice and the human who gives me food when I'm too tired to go hunting. Thank you for milk.  And now I've praised you I can ask let there always be milk and warmth and these daft humans for servants. Keep back the dog who barks and anything that might spoil my slumbers. In the name of fur, Amen.

Places are limited so book now at the Children’s Library (tel 01484 221956) or email

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