reading Monochrome from Letting Go


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3 responses to “reading Monochrome from Letting Go

  1. Angela, a lovely poem, well read. ‘Monochrome’ takes me back to my own childhood in the 50s, myself and my brothers spellbound before our state-of-the-art television set in polished wooden case, Cowboys and Indians on the screen, valves mysteriously aglow behind. I had a box-Brownie camera and still have a few of my old black-and-white family snaps. What a very different world it was back then.

    ‘Letting Go’ sounds a wonderful collection and I shall have to acquire a copy.

    Hope to see you around,


    • Paul, come to the evening at Lit Fest in Northwich – cafe Terrazo on 4th June, starting at 7.30. You can get a copy from me then and we can have a natter. Should be a great night. Been meaning to email you about it.