Organising Your Writing Life

Tanwen Coyne

Organising Your Writing Life

Finding Your Success

In our modern, fast-paced world, with computers and smartphones providing entertainment at our fingertips, we writers often struggle to focus on our writing. It can take years to learn how to organise our creativity but all successful writers have found their own way. As Earnest Hemmingway said ‘those who say they want to be writers, and aren’t writing, don’t.’ Organising your writing life is the only to turn this desire to write into achieving your writing goals.

If you announce you are a writer, the general public immediately has an image of you. This most likely involves an antique desk and a feather quill; or perhaps these days a coffee shop and a laptop. You may even have this romantic image of yourself. You may buy many beautiful notebooks and imagine yourself producing your masterpiece within its pages. I know I do!


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