Mother’s Day: A Survival Guide

Good ways to cope for people in the same position, like me. My favourite is the notebook idea. I keep up a dialogue with my parents through my poetry, but you don’t have to be a poet to write things down. It’s a comfort.

Kaite Welsh

My mum & sister, Clare. (Thanks for letting me use the picture, Dad!)

Mother’s Day is terrific inspiration for anyone writing a feminist blog – it’s a day when it’s practically mandated to write about the inspirational women in your life, especially if they gave birth to/raised you. It’s also a little bit awkward when you’ve lost your mother and want to make that post, but don’t want to feel like you’re pissing on people’s parade.

  1. You’re not alone. Actually, I wish this one was a little harder for me to remember. Out of my closest friends, three of them have lost their mothers and a couple more aren’t on speaking terms for various reasons, and I wish more than anything that none of us had to go through this. But when all your friends are buying daffodils and chocolates and going for Mother’s Day spa trips with Mummy Dearest, it’s…

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