Making a star book

Handmade book art: here’s a star book to make.

Angela Topping

You will need some card in different colours. This should be flexible card, not too heavy. Just the standard card you get in craft shops.

Cut it into 6 pieces of 10cm by 20 cm (you can have more pages if you like). Once you have cut one, you can use it as a template for the others. If possible, go with the most bendy aspect of the card. I found I could get three pieces from a piece of A4 card, cutting it longways, which was going with the grain as well. The easiest way to cut is with a steel ruler and a scalpel.

Then cut the same number of 10 by 19 cm card, in a different colour.

Then cut some decorative papers 10 by 18. You can use all the same or all different. These are the papers you can embellish. You can do this by…

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