Cornwall Tour

In Cornwall I will be working with six schools. One of the days is for Able Writers, when I am teaching Persuasive Writing through poetry. The others are working with the University of Famouth, doing a really fascinating project with the art department inspired by The Lightfoot Letters collaboration with Maria Walker. on 12 March, I will visit the university and work with a year 9 group. After a presentation and reading, I will work with half the group to write some poems based on memories while the other half collage, swapping over and repeating the writing workshop with the other half of the group. It has been really interesting planning this work as I am also making some links to the set poems they will be studying for GCSE next year. I am also doing four outreach workshops for them with different ages, all on a theme of the environment, and again leading to collage.

I haven’t been to Cornwall for a very long time, and I am hoping the weather will be a lot more spring-like down there. I will be doing a reading at an Arts Centre in St Ives on Thursday 14 March, and going to Penelope Shuttle’s book launch in Falmouth on 16th March. After all this excitement I will need the week’s holiday we have booked! I am very excited to see Rupert Loydell again as we have not met since 1997!

Hopefully some sightseeing will happen and some poems will get themselves written too. If anyone has any recommendations of what to do in and around Falmouth, do let me know.




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2 responses to “Cornwall Tour

  1. Denise walker

    Hi Angela,
    I’ve just been reading about the Art Gallery opened up in Northwich, tho Ive yet to visit. Sounds amazing and then read about you. We knew each other a very long time ago, at playgroup in fact. Im Denise, Dan, Sarah and Sams mum. I remember with affection, our lunches with our little ones. It would be very good to catch up again. Love to you all dx