Making a star book

You will need some card in different colours. This should be flexible card, not too heavy. Just the standard card you get in craft shops.

Cut it into 6 pieces of 10cm by 20 cm (you can have more pages if you like). Once you have cut one, you can use it as a template for the others. If possible, go with the most bendy aspect of the card. I found I could get three pieces from a piece of A4 card, cutting it longways, which was going with the grain as well. The easiest way to cut is with a steel ruler and a scalpel.

Then cut the same number of 10 by 19 cm card, in a different colour.

Then cut some decorative papers 10 by 18. You can use all the same or all different. These are the papers you can embellish. You can do this by gluing things you have printed off the computer, things you have lying around, images, ribbons, buttons, bits of lace. labels etc.

When you have finished embellishing your inside pages, fold all your papers and cards in half, so that they are all 5 cm when folded over. Decide on the order of your embellished pages. Put the second smaller piece of card inside the larger one, and your embellished paper in that. Repeat until you have six little booklets, each with an outer of the largest piece, a middle of the second largest and the inside is your embellished paper. You will have six of these little booklets.

You are now ready to start gluing. I used double sided narrow tape. One of those roller glue things is quite good but expensive. You might get away with pritt stick.

Now attach the end of the middle card to the larger one. Then do the same with the other wide. Because it is shorter than the larger one, you will need to pull it across. This is what helps it pop up when the book is finished. Repeat with your embellished page. Then do this with all your little booklets.

Check you are happy with the order you want the pages in, then attach them one by one, matching up the ‘outside’ of each little booklet with the ‘outside’ of the next one, till they are all joined in a type of concertina. Do NOT attach the two end ones.

Using the closed book as a template, cut two pieces of heavier card to size, leaving a little room all round the book. Set your book aside. Placing it under a pile of books will help it dry flat and settle.

Take each piece of greyboard and cut a pretty piece of paper so there is a turning in amount all round (or you can use book cloth or pared leather). Cover the board in the pretty paper by applying PVA to the paer and placing the card in the centre. Fold the edges in and cut the corners off,

Retrieve your book. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the book and protrude enough to be tied, even longer if you want to hang the book up. Attach the ribbon to the book with some double sided tape to hold it in place. Now put glue on the inside of your cardboard covers and attach one to each end of the book, taking care to line it up properly. Stand it up to check it is level. The PVA will let you move it slightly till it is right.

Leave to dry sandwiched in between a pile of books. Your star book is finished.




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  1. thanks for that – really useful. Any chance of a photos or two of the assembly process next time you make one (for people like me who need visual help)?

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