Monster Olympics – another group poem

Monster Olympics


And the aliens are ready for the three-legged race

While over on camera two, the witch/frog relay has commenced!

Hydras compete in the ‘Three Heads or More’ marathon.

In the shape-shifter triathlon we have running cheetahs, swimming sharks,

orang-utangs on bikes, as they change for each section! Such skill.


Time for slime-swimming and the synchronized witch display –

check out those black bikinis! Then there will be dinosaur diving.

Vampire Volleyball will take place after dark – coffins ready!

And everyone is excited about Troll Trampolining, a new event this year.


In gymnastics some witches are causing mayhem cheating.

Wands will be confiscated. And there’s been a complaint:

monsters teleporting to the pyramid top –   stop that right now!

Alien archery has been trouble free – such good sports.


The closing ceremony is the best ever. Who will get most golds?


Written on Able Writers’ Day on 2nd February at Read St John’s Primary, Burnley.

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