Season School, another group poem by children

A Group Poem written by Able Writers from years 3 &4 on 27th March 2012 at the host school, Pudsey Lowtown, in Leeds.

Season School

In spring we make cards for Mothers’ Day, plant

lots of different flower seeds and hatch cute baby chicks.

Painting eggs in bright colours and making scenes

are fun art competitions to celebrate Easter.

In summer, the playground is our dining room.

We drink lots of water and wear sunhats and sun cream.

Playing on the field is a hot weather treat. On Sports Day

We run races amongst daisies and dandelions.

In autumn, we jump into crunchy leaves, make pictures

with their red, green, gold and brown shapes.

We make Hallowe’en cards and dance in fancy-dress discos,

watched over by bare skeleton trees.

In winter, we wear wellies, hats, scarves and gloves

to stop fingers freezing. Our breath is frosty. We enjoy

hot dinners and carol concerts, snowball fights and icy slides.

Evenings and mornings are dark but there are coloured lights.

Bare trees have diamonds on their branches.

Christmas comes and goes, spring is nearly here.

That is the wonder of our school year.


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