This poem is by…

This poem is by Komal Mahmood who spent a day with me at Read St Johns Primary. Her mother send me the poemwith a message saying ‘She thoroughly enjoyed her day and came back so happy. Komal wanted me to search for you on the internet so we could send you her poem i hope you dont mind…’

Its mother is wrong and its father is lies,
What makes it happy is no one knowing about it,
Its friend are called mean and unkind,
It lives in the mind and it lives in the soul,
It feeds on anger,lying and untruthfulness,
It wears nothing but lies,
It always fears that it might get broken,
What kills it well you wouldnt want to know..

( can you guess what emotion it is )

As you can imagine, I was delighted. I like the children to share their work with the group on the day but some are just too shy. I can empathise as I was rather shy when I was at school. I had been reading Komal’s work during the day and knew it was very good. So now she is sharing with a much wider audience.


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February 9, 2012 · 5:15 pm

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  1. This poem does something to me. It makes me think, and it moves me. I shall refrain from naming the emotion I believe it to be. Suffice to say the tributaries feeding it are often envy and resentment, bigotry or frustrated love.

    Angela, thank you for sharing this.

    Komal, I think you’re a fine poet in the making. Keep it up!

    PS: I was rather shy at school too. Napoleon or Beethoven or Lloyd George at home, but one of the quiet ones at school…until I met a lad called Aleric and we founded the Anti-Football Club! But that’s another story…