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On Wednesday 10th August, a warm and friendly group of people defied the rain to come to Milnrow Library, which is a beautiful Art Deco building with its own little garden, lovengly tended by the librarian. The occasion was a presentation by me for Time to Read, on the current theme of travel. My show was a world tour through words and images, and we concluded with a quick group poem workshop. The results are published here.


Special Places


By the audience at Around the World in Words at Milnrow Library 10 August 2011


A city on the banks of the Weir

that I have known from boyhood

through teenage forays, and as an adult.


To see the sea, paddle on the shore,

to feel the sand between my toes.


To walk in the footsteps of Laurie Lee

and visit the places of his pilgrimage

from Vigo in Spain to what is now

the Costas, would be wonderful for me.


Beyond far horizons, more than

a lifelong journey away, she waits.


My favourite place is home but anywhere

in Britain’s best; its history and beauty is in my soul.


I love Berwick on Tweed. The air is very refreshing

and the fishing is very rewarding.


My favourite place is wherever I am with my family.

There is nothing better than sharing new sights,

sounds and smells with those I love.


Sitting on the rocks looking out to sea,

watching the colours change, feeling the sun

on our backs, filled with calm: a million miles

between us and the rest of the world.


Give me a bed, a favourite book

And I am in my version of heaven.


Travel gives us all new experiences, new lives.


Fragment by Norman Warwick


Had he time to travel, so he might travel time.

He might arrive in the days before the world

had ever heard this rhyme. Before he threw

his lines to distant skies above lands

where poems speak their truths and lies.

Scotland by Constance Clough


I’ve been to the Highlands – had a wonderful time.

It might not suit all but I think it is fine.

Magnificent mountains, hills and trees

and sheep on the roadway asleep where they please.

The scene changes by turn – here is a river,

They call it a burn. A wee crofter’s cottage

with roses round the door, fresh air and silence

could one ask for more?


I’ve been to Majorca, my friends say to me.

You casn have a great time, you can drink until three.

Well folk are all different and God made us all as so.

He thought it all out such a long time ago,

So I say Thank God, from a real grateful me.


Now, go to your local library and ask the librarian to

help you find some travel books!


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  1. Paul Beech

    Angela, great to see you enjoyed your visit to Milnrow Library, and your ‘around the world’ presentation clearly went down well – such inspired group poetry!

    Enjoyed seeing a new place myself last weekend – The Forest of Dean. I’d primed myself by reading Dennis Potter’s wonderfully evocative ‘The Changing Forest’, about the social and cultural changes there in the 50s/early-60s. Loved Symonds Yet Rock, the spectacular gorge overlooking the Wye, and spotted an osprey. Picnicked at the Heritage Centre near Cinderford – great exhibitions and galleries and outdoor features, a ‘must visit’ if you’re ever in the area.

    By the way, my short-short story ‘Sunday the Fiftieth of May’, which I read at BLAZE, has this week been published on the Dutch flash fiction blog Rammenas, a totally thrilling experience as the comments received have been most encouraging. If you’d like to read it again, you’ll find my story at:

    All best, Paul