This week I will be posting new work on somethingeveryday, the blog of Max Wallis. I’d love to see some of you over there.

This is a busy time for me. I am in the throes of my exam board work as a senior moderator for a leading exam board, while continuing with life as a freelance poet. It’s Halton Talkwrite Festival and I have 5 gigs, no less. Today was LOL in Libraries, and I was glad to be the cause of gales of laughter, including my own, as we LOLed our way through poems, plays and prose extracts. Performing the warfare over the teacups between Gwendolen and Cecily from The Importance of Being Earnest with the wonderful Jan Dean as Gwendolen is a memory I will always treasure. Thanks to members of the audience for bringing along plenty of funny things to share, and for taking part in my lucky dip game of daft short poems.

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