Artist’s Impression

Here it is! The artist’s impression of my workshop at Much Wenlock, in my children’s poetry workshop at Wenlock Books as part of the Poetry Festival.

Many men have asked to paint me, and I always refused, especially to the one who said ‘it would be so interesting to depict all those curves’. In this case the artist was female. I don’t know her name -she hadn’t brought her business cards with her, but this is very good indeed, in my view, even though it doesn’t really look that much like me. I was moving around, so it was hard for her to get me down.

She tiptoed in and sat on the stairs with her sketchbook and paints, and I think she did this in under an hour as she had to go on to another event. This artist’s visit was a wonderful surprise and is typical of the magic of this wonderful festival, set in a little gem of a town. Do go next year!



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5 responses to “Artist’s Impression

  1. Paul Beech

    Yes, a lovely sketch, Angela. (Wasn’t Beverley Fry the artist in residence?) It’s a wonderful gift, to be able to so deftly capture the essence of a scene. And what I see here is the excitement and enthusiasm of youthful creativity. It’s a picture that makes me smile, not least because of your lively, jaunty, inspiring presence.

    Glad you enjoyed Much Wenlock. Now wouldn’t it be amazing if one day we could put on a Northwich Poetry Festival? With flash-fiction, of course!


    • Thanks Paul. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday night at BLAZE. You might want to come to Nantwich Festival of the Arts on 19th June. At Nantwich Players theatre, I have been instrumental in putting together a BLAZE family-friendly programme for the day, starting at 12.30 and ending at 5.30, with three separate events. Some friends from BLAZE are performing alongside me, including the wonderul Rebecca Sharp of the Celtic harp and Onya Wick – some of whose members you have met at BLAZE. More details to follow.

  2. Paul Beech

    Hi Angela,

    Looking forward to seeing you at BLAZE too. You’ve done well to get Hartford Hall as our new venue. Hope my flash-noir goes down OK! And yes, the Nantwich Festival sounds most appealing. Rebecca with her harp – wow! I shall never forget her BLAZE performance in March; I found her absolutely entrancing…even addictive! All the BLAZE stuff will be brilliant, I’m sure. Will there be an open mic?

    Take care and I’ll see you Wednesday night.


  3. There won’t be an open mic Paul, but there will be 30 mins of me and 30 m ins of Rebecca, interval, then 45 mins of Onya Wick. See you Wednesday!