On the Eve of the Royal Wedding

Here is a poem from my first poetry collection, Dandelions for Mothers’ Day, published by Stride in 1988, about an occasion before my own marriage in 1976. Weddings are always a cause for celebration for commoners and royals alike.

Fishing (Before Marriage)

Canal fishing in the Bridgewater,
chewing flapjacks, baiting the hooks with bread:
he watches the float; I see only
the water’s wedding-dress brocade.

Nothing doing. He digs for worms,
catches two sticklebacks together,
each mouth on each worm half,
like lovers, clasped mouth on mouth.

Wanting roach, he scorns Jack Sharps.
We pack up, catchless, satisfied,
telling his floats like beads,
in Walton Gardens, mouth on mouth.

We have decided to have a little garden party for our neighbours afterwards, because we enjoy their company and it’s a good chance to have fun outside in this pretty weather.



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2 responses to “On the Eve of the Royal Wedding

  1. Paul Beech

    Hi Angela,

    I loved Kate’s comment as she and William stepped out onto the Palace balcony and the crowd sent up that great cheer. “Oh wow,” she gasped. And that was just how I felt about the whole event. I’d only intended to watch the highlights but found myself glued to the box, a glass of Bailey’s in hand.

    William and Kate seem such a lovely down-to-earth couple, and I wonder how posterity will view their wedding yesterday. As the event which led on to a more relevant form of monarchy, perhaps – a people’s monarchy? Somehow I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Your pre-nuptial poem ‘Fishing’ is great, by the way. I’ve walked that stretch of the Bridgewater Canal, so cool and green beneath the trees…lovely.

    Hope your garden party went well. With a Bailey’s top-up, I finished writing my speech for my daughter Liz’s wedding on 3rd June. Only four weeks away now – butterflies in the tum!

    Regards, Paul

  2. Your own family wedding will be just as delightful I am sure, Paul. I enjoyed the service, particularly the wonderful music. I am a great John Rutter fan and I loved the new setting of Ubi Caritas. It was wonderful to see the Abbey looking so stunning, and of course, being female, I enjoyed seeing the dress and the guests’ outfits.