Able Writers #5

Our Bad Tempered Tail Slapper

We once found a mermaid
in the cupboard under the stairs.
A tail slapper, she was.
A bad tempered mischief maker, she was.
She used to shout and grumble,
bang the old tumble drier door shut.
Once she broke the tumble drier.
I will never forget that.
She slapped her tail on the wall.
She shouted she wanted a fight.
She banged and crashed.
She drove my dad mad.
She kept us up all night.
I really want to show you her
but I’m afriad she’s gone.
Mum left her in Australia
bribed with lemon bon bons.
I don’t miss that mermaid
because now we have some peace
but she was a fun adventure
for my family.

My Bird

she is a

master of the sky

a smooth-glider

calm worm-hunter

zooming through the clouds

a silky blur

searching for dinner

gliding back

to my hand.

A chirpy feather ball

a caring mother

looking out.

My bird

master of the sky.


by Abigail Kerry
primary school

Painting by Waterhouse


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