I Sing of Bricks


My new book is now available from the publishers, or from me if you are likely to be coming to some of my events. I am delighted with it. It is easy to read from and feels less intimidating than a full collection and it is only £6.50. It has a gorgeous cover, as all Salt books do, and is shiny and solid in the hand. I am launching it at BLAZE, my monthly event at The Red Lion, Hartford. Here is the title poem:

I Sing of Bricks

Who first
thought of you?
Warm cakes of baked clay
exact corners
strictly rectangular
correct and
all the same
yet each one
slightly different.

Many hands
made you, many others
raised you into walls
to fend off weather.
Sunlight loves you
and shows off
your masculine charms.
Rain decorates you
bringing out the greys and reds.

Victorians loved
playing with you
embroidering houses
with elegant stitchery in earth tones.

How willingly
you align yourselves
clinging to mortar.
Your conversation,
always consonantal.
In deep clunks and scrapes
you engage with the previous courses.

Clubby and solid
as earth
you prop up our defences,
rise to roves
You plunge into earth
making no moan.
Supporting your fellows
is your delight.
Little loaves
you make up the smallest
pig house, the grandest manor,
humble, strong, biddable
servants, solid as hearth and home.






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One response to “I Sing of Bricks

  1. Paul Beech

    So I’m not the only one with a thing about bricks! Lovely poem, Angela. It inspired me to attempt a different treatment of the theme this morning, a short prose piece entitled ‘Bricking It’. I don’t know whether it’s any good but I’ll always remember writing it as I received news of my sixth grandchild’s birth halfway through. I’ll email it to you.

    Good luck with ‘I Sing of Bricks’.

    Regards, Paul