An Athlete’s Dream: A Modern Myth

Nike: Greek Goddess of Victory

The gun said Go and then there was running;

the rush of air zooming past;

the grip of the running shoes on the track.

I forgot the others, kept on running,

could not stop, round and round the track

until I rose high in air, while below

medals were suspended around necks,

rousing music struck up.

I ran circling higher and higher

above earth, leaping into blue space.

I did not tire. My shoes wore out,

the rags of my clothes fell away from me.

My orbit is far from earth.

My name is Nike.

This poem has been nominated on the Winning Words Website, so I thought I would share it here and see what you all think of it.



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7 responses to “An Athlete’s Dream: A Modern Myth

  1. mj

    I admired how it is so tautly written-like the muscles of the athlete. The ending came almost as a surprise.

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Mary J

  2. James S

    I would like to tell you I weite poetry an loved this verse. I am also getting ready to start a web page for athletics and would like to use it within the website with the credits going to you? If that is alright?

    Could you also tell me where you had got the photo from



  3. James S

    Great Poem see above

  4. Yes, I am fine with you putting the poem on your new website. I like the idea of people who don’t normally read poetry reasing some because of the subject matter. Another of my poems appeared on a construction website because it was about bricks. It would be good if you could add a link to this blog as well, so people who like the poem can read more.
    The poem is going to be in the MUch Wenlock poetry anthology for this year, so it would be good if you could buy a copy of that to support the festival.
    Sorry I don’t remember where I got the photo from. I just did a Google search and fell in love with that photo.

    • James Shimburski


      Thanks that means so much I created the program for athlete’s in 2006 an copyrighted yet never did anything with it till this past year Ironically I googled and saw your peon, again it really hit me close to the heart , tied so well with the photo. When I get it all set ,the web site I will forward it to you. I will link your blog to it as well. Once I get a chance I will send you a poem that I wrote , I would enjoy your feedback and thoughts.

      The picture , did you by chance save it or download it and if so could you e-mail it to me?

      Again thank you so much and look forward to reading more of your great work’s !!

      Jim Shimburski

      • Could you do me a favour and try to put the poem on single-spaced as it should be, and there is a stanza break needed as well. When I put it up I didn’t fix it properly. I deleted the pic after I posted it, but why don’t you download it from the blog?
        I do have some books published – you can find me on Amazon.

  5. Hello Angela
    Please can you let me know from which collection this poem comes?
    Thank you