Getting Around

For the next fortnight from today I will be guest blogger on incwriters. Check it out here:

I will also be keeping my own blog up to date.

In June, I will be guest contributor on somethingeveryday, which will be a real challenge as it has to be new work. Incwriters has more relaxed rules. I will be including articles and workshops as well as poetry on there.

All this virtual getting around will be reflected in real life as I have several trips planned in January including London and Kent. It all helps to keep a writer fresh.

Now January is here everyone seems to be looking for a new start in life. January is a fresh page in the notebook, scary and imposing, but soon to be made our own. This should be an exciting year for me, with three separate publications coming out from my pen, from three different publishers, and three very different projects.

My husband has just retired and so will be able to help me more in all sorts of ways, from proof reading (which he is brilliant at) to coming with me to the festivals and events I have been booked to read at in 2011. Some support with my accounts will be very welcome as I am not the best at remembering to invoice people after my work is completed, or chasing it up when they are slow to pay.

I still do miss teaching sometimes, but I know I did the right thing stopping at 55 to focus properly on my writing. My illness a few years ago put everything into perspective and now I feel I am finally doing what fulfils me the most. Now I just have to try to be the best writer I can be.


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