Goodbye Snow – a new poem by Angela Topping

Like a dangerous friend, the snow left

leaving everywhere shabby and dirty.

Its going is a relief but also a sadness.

No more will the nights seem bright

as the moon uses the garden for a mirror,

no more will the birds watch eagerly

when the nut holders are filled.

The snow left behind no gifts for us

despite the overstayed welcome,

the trouble caused. Snow’s like that.

A winter visitor, magical at first but soon

the jokes become tedious, the appetite

insatiable, the whisky bottle emptying

as Snow slakes its thirst. Then overnight

snow has slung its hook and driven off

leaving a few kisses in the cold spots.


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One response to “Goodbye Snow – a new poem by Angela Topping

  1. Rita

    Liked the idea of Snow as an immoveable, insensitive guest who sits up too late and stays just too long. Not sure line 3 adds much but really liked ‘Then overnight/Snow has slung its hook and driven off…’ Slung its hook and driven off, the selfish sod. Perfect.