Featuring Two poems by Lucy Joy Lightfoot

My great niece Lucy has just turned seven. This morning she shared these stunning poems with me.

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is sweet,
She is a treat,
You’ll be her friend
When she gives you something nice to eat.

She ate too much sugar,
So she had to eat a plum,
That’s why her friends
Nick-named her Sugar Plum.

She is still sweet.

The Storm

Thunder deafen,
Thunder crash,
Wind hurl,
Wind smash,
Lightning frighten,
Lightning flash,
Black – white.
And calm,
And calm.

She shows a command of rhyme very rare to see in one so young. And she is writing from her own experience in a freshly observed way, with an admirable economy.

This talent needs to be encouraged. Lucky for her she has amazing parents who will do just that!


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2 responses to “Featuring Two poems by Lucy Joy Lightfoot

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  2. I was amazing at drawing when I was eleven. Then I stopped practising. I’m glad for Lucy that she will be encouraged to keep up this marvellous hobby and build on her talents. Clever girl!

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