My Father’s Letter

This is as he wrote it with his errors preserved.

Dear Frances

Just a few lines to tell you for ther’s not much doing.

On Saturday morning I went to the Brickfield to skate. I could go on one, but now I can go on two.

Our pits are thick with ice. Jim Smith and I are pals. On Monday noon Jim and I went to the pond to skate.

Every dinner time I go to skate.

Sunday morning Vincent and I went to the pond. When we got there Jim, Fenny, our Willie, etc. etc.

When I go to school at play-time I go in goal for Farnworth team. We have won every game this week.

Now I finish at S. Bridge’s at 5 o’clock on Thursday.

Thursday night at 7.30 pm Father, Vincent and I went to a lecture on animals by Mr Rev James Woolfe.

I was interested all the night.

Vincent and I started out t. 10-10 pm for dad had not reached home.

Half way down the lane we met him he told us to go to Grandma’s till he came there.

Grandmar gave us a penny and a Rosy Apple. which we ate in the room.

When I was coming home I saw Mrs Beardmore with his wife.

We came home the the Houseing Scheme.

I have not got a tip of any kind yet.

I hope you read Vincent’s finish and I am sure you was surprised at the paino.

I have started to get two comices each week now.

That are called “Golden Penny Comice” and Jester

From your loving Brother

Peter xxxxxx

This my dad on his wedding photo, two months after the wedding.



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2 responses to “My Father’s Letter

  1. What a wonderful find! Congratulations, Angela, on discovering your 12 year old father.

  2. and it’s all thanks to Maria Walker!