My Pirate Friend

Being A Pirate

I was ploughing the Main in full sail, on the M62.

Captain Jack Tansy – Pirate,

armed to the teeth, weapons shining,

searching for new recruits at my next gig –

a junior school in Manchester.

The journey was fraught with danger.

Getting a broadside from a tanker,

in my small vessel is a constant dread.

I faced off many shots across the bow,

arriving safe, sound and twice as large as life.

During the morning

I taught my young crew the rudiments of sailing

and what I expected from a good pirate.

Break-time found me hunting down a mug of grog.

I happened upon a new, female crewmember

talking to a landlubber-slip-of-a-girl.

Your captain really scares me, said the landlubber.

No, he’s not scary, he’s wonderful, replied my loyal crewmember.

Pretending not to hear, I walked on, smiling.

Gordon Jackson. Metropole Court,

Whitby. 24th Aug. 2010. 4:00 p.m.


Captain Jack Tansy aka Gordon Jackson

This poem was written by Gordon Jackson at Whitby, and over the next few days I will be sharing more of his poems. And he really IS a retired pirate!


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