What the Wind Said

This is the title of a wonderful children’s poetry book by Matt Simpson. I’ve just written an Amazon review of it. It is coming up to a year when this warm, witting and wonderful poet died unexpectedly at 73. He was a very dear friend to many poets and is missed by everyone. His death left a hole in my life, for one.

I am going to a meeting today with his daughter and Dave Ward of The Windows Project, about an anthology of poems by children from Halewood. What The Wind Said was used as inspiration for the workshops.

If you don’t have this book on your shelves, then it’s a serious gap. It’s available on Amazon and from the publishers, Greenwich Exchange. The poems are arranged in sections such as ‘Family Matters’, ‘Animal Crackers’ and ‘School Daze’.

I wish I could tell Matt about my own children’s book coming out soon from Salt Publishing. He had a lot of fun writing for children and so do I. We used to love getting into the same anthologies.

A stunning cartoon of Matt by G. W. Jones, illustrator for What the Wind Said.


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